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City: Kazan
Age: 43
Birth Date: 5/6/1970
Weight: 176lb, 80kg
Height: 5'11", 180cm
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: 1 - girl, 13
Religion: Christian
Smoker: N
Drinker: N
Education: University
Company: Private
Job Title: Teacher
Hobbies: Music, arts, languages, psychology

Self Description: I am an open and smiling person. I like doing kind things for people. I always try to help those people who are in need of something. I do enjoy doing this. I have always admired those greatest women like Mother Theresa and Princess Diana. I would like to meet an open and smiling man who has an open heart and soul. I can see a lot of rainbow colors in life. I am an optimist and I believe in better tomorrow. My profession is matching my soul; I work with colors. Our future sharing life will be from bright colors of joy! I like art very much. I have a big library of art books. And I am also interested in the other countries culture. I like everything which is connected with beauty. I like to take care of myself and others.

Comments: I am looking forward to meeting very kind, open, honest man with rich inner world. Most of all I value kindness in men.

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Russia Women, bridesRussia Women, brides

Russia Women, brides

Russia Women, brides

Russia Women, brides

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